Young Professionals Meet with Pelotonia’s Doug Ulman

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Pictured above in the middle is Doug Ulman and to his left, Stolly Insurance agent Eric Stolly, along with several other committee members.

Recently the Westerville Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Committee hosted Pelotonia’s Doug Ulman as part of their Breakfast Series Event. As the guest speaker the participants were able to learn and ask questions about Doug’s story on how he transformed LIVESTRONG and Pelotonia into what they are today. Doug was CEO of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation for 14 years before taking on the new challenge of becoming the President and Chief Executive officer of Pelotonia in Columbus.

Pelotonia is a grass roots organization based out of Columbus that raises millions of dollars every year for the Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, with 100% of their fund raising going straight to the James and the research that is saving lives. Their “One Goal” is the end of cancer, with over 5,000 cyclists participating every year in the bike ride. One weekend every August, this year being the 5th through the 7th, cancer survivors, researchers, family members, and friends, gather in downtown Columbus and from there riders can go as far as 180 miles with people lining the streets to cheer them on.

Because of their efforts, they have raised over $106,000,000 with the total growing every day. With the money they raise they are able to fund new ideas for cancer diagnostics, treatments, and prevention strategies. No cancer is routine, and because of the money that people generously give, the James is able to tailor treatments for each person that gives them the best chance at winning their fight against cancer. When asked what Pelotonia means to him Doug says “Pelotonia symbolizes the best in humanity. It represents a broad, global community of people coming together to tackle one of our greatest challenges. A community with one goal. A community who believes that together we can end cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, and the son of a breast cancer survivor and a prostate cancer survivor, Pelotonia is very personal. Being a small part of a movement that is impacting the lives of so many people is an honor, and I am excited to see all that the Pelotonia community can accomplish in the future.”

There are some great ways to get involved with Pelotonia. One of our personal favorites is to become a rider. If you have friends, family, or a corporate group that would like to become a team, we call them Pelotons. Pelotons make up a huge part of the fundraising efforts because it is easier to do it together. If riding your bike a large amount of miles is not your idea of fun, you can volunteer to help at the event. It takes thousands of volunteers to make the event possible and they are truly the heart of the operation. Every dollar counts, so if you would like to give funds to the James and be a part of something big, you can simply donate a few dollars to Pelotonia. At Stolly Insurance we are very proud to be a part of the Westerville area, and would love see the cure for cancer found in our own backyard. If you would like to donate, volunteer for the event, be a rider, or if you would like more information about the work that Doug Ulman and Pelotonia is doing to end cancer, you can visit the website here!