Will Hitting a Deer Change My Rates?

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Since deer migrate between the months of October to December we start to see more and more of them as Fall goes on. If you hit a deer it is typically a covered loss and will more than likely be processed through your comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage falls under something like storm damage, or in this case hitting a deer, because there is no fault to the damage your premium will not normally change. Here are a few way to stay safe on the roads this fall;



  • Always be alert to the time of day it is, deer are nocturnal so they tend to be out more at night. Because of this always use your high beam headlights when possible.
  • If you see one deer there could be more, deer travel in a heard. If you see one, slow down to avoid any more that could be in the area.
  • Don’t swerve. Jerking your wheel could cause you to run into something, or lose control of your car.


If you do hit one;

  • Move your vehicle to the side of the road.
  • Call the police. If the deer is in the road it must be moved to assure that no one else hits it, it will also be easier to file a claim if there is police report.
  • Document the incident. Take pictures of the road, any injuries you may have sustained, and the damage to your vehicle. This will also help your agent file your claim.
  • Call your Stolly Insurance Claims Representatives. Kathy or Sue will help you with your claims process.