Some Facts About Water Damage and Your Insurance

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My family LOVES watching those shows on TV where a nice family buys a really great house that they are going to do a major renovation on. You know exactly which ones I’m talking about, they buy these houses thinking that they have a set budget that they can’t budge on, then they open up their walls and what do they see? Years worth of water damage that just took a huge chunk out of their budget to repair. Water damage isn’t something you might always think about when you are renovating, or even when you are considering how much insurance coverage you want on your house and this is usually because you don’t always see the damage until its too late to do anything. So what kind of damages is actually covered? Lets talks about a few different situations.

Is Water Damage Cover by My Homeowners Policy?

While most accidental water damage is covered by your home owners insurance, the source of the water damage, like your new dishwasher that wasn’t connected right and covered your kitchen floor in water, is not. So while your claim will pay for your floor to be repaired and any costs that came with that, any repairs to your dishwasher or any cause of the water damage would not be covered.

Now lets say you have a leaky pipe that causes some water damage over time, again, something you don’t see until it causes damage. Unfortunately damage that is caused over time due to neglect would not be covered on your homeowners insurance, this is why check your pipes should be a part of your routine to keep your home safe and up to date. If your pipes deicide to burst because of the crazy -5 degrees weather, then yes, you would have coverage because of the sudden nature of the incident.

Flood Damage

Flood damage isn’t something we have to be terribly worried about in most parts of Ohio, but for some people living in higher risk areas having a flood policy is a must. If you live by a lake or a river that tends to flood frequently then Flood Insurance is something to consider. If that lake were to overflow and flood your kitchen, nothing would be covered under your Homeowners Insurance, this is where a separate Flood Insurance policy would kick in. Your flood insurance coverage will cover the property that you have insured right down to the blinds on your windows. This also includes the belonging in your house such as you clothes, any appliances that may have been ruined, your flooring, and more.