Why Should I Get Renters Insurance?

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Many people wonder why it is necessary for a person to have renters insurance. Well there is always the obvious, that if there is a fire or someone breaks in then you are able to be financially covered. Some landlords are even requiring tenants to purchase renters insurance for themselves to ensure that you would be covered, as some landlord’s policy may not cover everything. Your policy could also pay for any hotel bills, or meals, that you have to pay for while unable to live in your apartment.

Some people are hesitant because they may not have a lot of belongings in their apartment, however if you take stock of everything in your apartment that you own, you may be surprised at how much the dollar amount of those things can add up. Jarod Stolly gives more information about it in one of our topic videos that can be found on our youtube page, here. What most people don’t realize is that your policy has liability in it as well. If you have renters insurance and someone is hurt while visiting, your dog bites your neighbor, or if you have a repairman fixing something in your home and he is hurt while on the premises, you are able to protect yourself from anyone who may take legal action.

For more information on Renter’s Insurance you can watch the video below from one our agents Jarod Stolly. If you would like a quote you can give us call at 419-227-2570.