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A personal umbrella policy is designed to provide excess liability coverage over a personal auto and homeowners insurance policy.

Policies typically start at $1,000,000 of coverage and would respond in the event that the underlying limits on the auto or home policy are exhausted after a serious claim. For example, if a driver has an auto insurance policy with a $300,000 limit of liability coverage, a $1,000,000 umbrella policy would pay for any injuries or medical treatment up to the policy limit caused by the driver that surpass $300,000. In the absence of an umbrella policy, if the underlying limits were to exhaust in a claim, the insurance carrier has no more duty to defend or settle on behalf of the insured, potentially bringing personal assets into play from a lawsuit brought on by the third party.

It is often recommended to carry an umbrella policy due to the value they bring to a policy holder. For as low as $150 per year, you can receive another $1,000,000 of liability protection and keep your personal assets out of play, as well as provide strong coverage for anyone you are deemed responsible for in the event of a serious claim.

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