Memorial Day 2017 – A Thank You from Stolly Insurance

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Happy Memorial Day to those who have fought to keep our country safe.

From everyone at Stolly Insurance we wanted to take a moment and thank any man or woman who has taken the great risk of fighting for this country in the Armed Forces. Memorial day is about more than another day off for the weekend, but about honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.

Here are a few facts about memorial day;

  • Memorial Day was started during the Civil War. Due to the fact that there so many lost on both side (around 620,000 soldiers) the country held spontaneous commemorations for them.
  • Several towns claim to have started the holiday. In 1966 congress declared Waterloo, New York to be the birthplace of the holiday.
  • It was first known as Decoration Day. This was due to the practice the people had of decorating the graves of their loved ones on both ides. In 1967 the official name of the holiday was changed to “Memorial Day” by federal law.
  • Some states in the south still have a “Confederate Memorial Day” to honor the Confederate dead of the civil war.
  • It was tradition to eat a picnic lunch on the grounds of cemetery, while some rural states in the south uphold this, the practice has not been popular.
  • The flag is supposed to fly half massed until noon, then raised until sun down.
  • There are more than 300,000 fallen soldiers buried at Arlington Cemetery. On average there are 28 burials there each day.

To those who have served. THANK YOU!

Just a quick reminder that each Stolly Insurance Group office will be closed Monday, May 29th to be with family and friends.