Losing Healthspan Coverage? We can help!

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Recently HealthSpan made the decision to exit from the medical insurance business. Many people are asking the same questions like: “where do I go from here?” Or “Do I still have insurance at this time?” HealthSpan has teamed up with Medical Mutual of Ohio to take over its Health Insurance assets making the process a little easier for customers to find replacement policies with them.

If you are an employer that offers medical insurance through HealthSpan, you will need to make other options available to your employees. Medical Mutual will be contacting you with options to replace your current policy unless you make the necessary changes yourself. Your policy will be intact until the time of your renewal or August 31th when coverage will drop. If you are an individual and have coverage with HealthSpan, your coverage will continue until the end of 2016.

Be assured that your claims will continued to be paid until the time that you decide to change policies, as well as access to MyChart for one year after your policy terminates, if you have already signed up for that service through HealthSpan. For those of you who use the HealthSpan clinics, be assured that they will try their best to find other health service providers for you so you can continue to find the best care possible in a convenient location.

If you are a business owner and have employees that need coverage, or if you are an individual and are not sure what route to take, please contact us at Stolly Insurance Group. We have a full medical insurance staff able to give you quotes, answer any questions you may have, or give your business the coverage it needs. Let us help you be innovative in your strategies for attracting and retaining quality employees.

For more information you can read the FAQ’s by clicking this PDF from Healthspan. HealthSpanFAQ

To visit the HealthSpan Website you can click here.