I’m Buying a New Home or Car – When Do I Call My Insurance Company?

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When Should I Call You About My New Purchase?

We like to put a lot of helpful content on our insurance blogs, and one of the best ways we know to help is by asking our account managers (the wonderful ladies you talk to when you call in) what are some of the more common questions our customers ask. One of the most common calls we get is when someone buys a new car or house. One of the problems that a lot of people bring up is that they aren’t sure when to call us when they buy something new and need to make that change to their account.

Getting a New Car?

In some cases we get people that call from the car lot afraid that they will not be covered because we don’t know about their new car yet. Don’t worry; your coverage is still in effect. Although it is beneficial to get us the information as soon as possible, most companies have a grace period of a few days, so if you buy a new car over the weekend its okay to drive it until Stolly Insurance opens on Monday, you don’t have to park your new car. When you call in we will need the VIN number on your new car, so as soon as you are able to get that number off of your car we suggest giving us a call. The sooner we have it the better to insure that you are getting the right coverage for your new vehicle.

Another word of advice is not to completely rely on the dealership to call and give your new information. While many dealerships do call us to give us information on who purchased a new vehicle from them, some of them do not, or cannot give all of the information that we might need. To make sure your new car is well covered always call your insurance company yourself to tell them of any new purchases.

Getting a New House? Or Thinking of Renovating?

So you have finally found your dream house and you are ready to sign on the dotted line! Well congratulations! As soon as you sign your contract to purchase, call us, we are ready to get your new house covered. We also recommend calling us yearly to keep us up to date with any changes you might have in your home. You never know what will change your coverage or what kind of discounts you can qualify for if you make improvements to your house. For instance, you are finally building the addition you’ve wanted for years, this increases the value of your home which can change how much coverage you have on it. Or let’s say you decided to put on a new roof, or put in a security system. All of these things can lower your premium, and who doesn’t want to save money?

Always keep your insurance up to date when it comes to purchases and life changes. Its always a good idea to check in with your agent once a year to ensure that you are completely covered, and receiving discounts you qualify for.

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