Health Insurance has changed substantially with the mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Stolly Insurance Group of Lima is prepared to help dealers with their health insurance decisions. If you have individual medical coverage, you must now purchase a plan during a once a year Open Enrollment. For 2016, Open Enrollment begins November 1st, 2015 and ends January 31, 2016. If you do not have medical coverage, you will have to pay a penalty to the IRS on your individual taxes when you file them.

Mandate Reporting Coverage and Paying Penalties 01/27/15.

Depending on income and family circumstance, you may qualify for a premium subsidy tax credit also. We can help you in the process of determining whether you do qualify.

Small dealers may qualify for a small business health care tax credit when they offer coverage through the small business SHOP. We are certified with both for the Federal Exchange and with the small business SHOP. Yes, choosing the right healthcare plan is confusing, however we can help you make the best decisions for your individual needs.

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While Open Enrollment is a limited time period, there are Special Enrollment Events that make it possible for you to take a plan outside of Open Enrollment dates. Marriage, divorce, death, having a baby, moving residence, or gaining citizenship can all be Special Enrollment events. Be sure to contact us prior to 60 days of any of these events. If you miss the Special Enrollment window you may have to wait until the next Open Enrollment to be covered.

We are also working on exciting benefits interesting to anyone. AFLAC is a great partner of ours and we can offer the array of products with the great service offered through our agency. We are also adding a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering soon. Please contact us for anytime for all of your insurance needs.