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Ensuring a Child’s Bright Future

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Ensuring a Child’s Bright Future

Eric Stolly is doing his part by working with Future Possibilities

Future Possibilities, Inc. is different from other programs that work with children. It has designed its programs to support children in developing life skills. Rather than teaching, adults coach children to find the questions and answers within themselves. The result is empowering to the children as they develop their own skills while being guided and supported in their own unique process.” -Future Possibilities

Eric Stolly is our Westerville office branch manager and one of the fourth generation Stollys that are making a difference in the community. One of the organizations that he is involved in is Future Possibilities, based out of Columbus. This is a “nonprofit organization that delivers life skills coaching programs to children. At no cost to the family, each child in our program is provided a trained, volunteer Kidcoach.” –Future Possibilities

The picture below is from January 12th when Eric and a few of his fellow Kidcoaches were able to spend some time with students from Fairwood Elementary school. You can get involved yourself by becoming a Kidcoach, or giving financially. For more information you can visit the Future Possibilities website!