Confused About Car Insurance Coverage?

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Here is a Stolly Insurance FAQ!

We get a lot of calls in our office, sometimes our customers have questions and they are question that get asked a lot. One of the top has to be “What is this coverage? Do I need to consider getting more kinds of coverage?”

Car Insurance is something all of us need, but it can be pretty confusing. We wanted to break down the most common coverages that people need and explain them a little better!

  1. Collision Coverage – This pays for damages to your car, or anything else you might run into if you were in an accident.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage – Pays for damage done to your vehicle if something other than a wreck. This can include a natural disaster, theft, or if a pesky deer were to hit your car.
  3. Uninsured Driver Coverage – Its just like it sounds, if a driver has no insurance, or if they have minimum coverage that doesn’t pay for all of your collision this can help cover the repairs. One in eight drivers are not insured, so this is something to always consider.
  4. Property Damage – If you were to cause any damages  to someone’s property like their house  or anything on their lot, this will cover those costs.
  5. Bodily Injury Liability – This will help pay for any physical injury that might happen to the other party due to an accident.

This just begins to cover what kind of coverages we offer, but these are the most common. We would love to give you a quote on your family’s vehicles as well as any other insurance needs you may have. If you have any questions call us today at Stolly Insurance Lima at 419-227-2570.