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Additional Insured: Why Are They Asking to be Listed on my Liability Policy?

Let me guess.  You’re an Ohio-based trades contractor and the general contractor or job owner has asked to be listed as an additional insured on your insurance policy? And,…

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Life Insurance Application Process

What do you need to know about the Application Process? Going through any process for the first time can be intimidating. What can be worse is having a bad…

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How often should I change Insurance Agents?

Can my current Insurance Agent help? “Here comes another bill from the insurance company. Looks like our rates went up again, but why?  I didn’t change anything on my…

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The many definitions of disability and why it’s important to know yours

What type of Disability Insurance should I have? Disability income insurance is a very simple product with some very complicated language inside of the contracts themselves. Having an agent…

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Life Insurance and Annuities and Why Baby Boomers Should Review Theirs Now

Why should baby boomers review their Life Insurance and Annuities now? Life insurance is an uncomfortable topic for many, and one that most people avoid like the plague. Annuities…

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