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What Good is Insurance if I Never Have a Claim?

Most of us can conjure up the sound of that Vietnam-era hit, “War (What Is It Good For?)”. The soulful song was one of the most successful political tunes…

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2018 Open Enrollment for Healthcare

Open Enrollment for individual healthcare coverage, under the Affordable Care Act, starts November 1, 2018! Call our office today to go over the changes in the plans, rates, physician…

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Do You Get Easily Distracted While Driving? Stolly Insurance Group would like to present our customers with Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles new rule. According to the Ohio Law if…

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Does my credit score affect the cost of my home and auto insurance?

What doesn’t your credit score affect these days, right? Of course your credit score affects your insurance rates! We all know that it is important to keep your credit score up and pay…

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Low Interest Rates Hurt Savers

Where to Turn? Year in and year out a top fear of retirees is outliving their retirement nest egg. This has been exacerbated since the 2008 financial crisis when…

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