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300% Increase In Cybercrime Since COVID-19

Last year was a year like no other in a variety of ways—none more significant than its effect on businesses large and small. The abrupt shift to remote work…

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Long-Term Care Insurance Costs Not Expected To Rise

Long-term care is a coming tsunami in this country. What’s worse is that no one wants to talk about it. When people do discuss it they’re unsure of how…

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2018 Open Enrollment for Healthcare

Open Enrollment for individual healthcare coverage, under the Affordable Care Act, starts November 1, 2018! Call our office today to go over the changes in the plans, rates, physician…

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How often should I change Insurance Agents?

Can my current Insurance Agent help? “Here comes another bill from the insurance company. Looks like our rates went up again, but why?  I didn’t change anything on my…

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The many definitions of disability and why it’s important to know yours

What type of Disability Insurance should I have? Disability income insurance is a very simple product with some very complicated language inside of the contracts themselves. Having an agent…

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