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How often should I change Insurance Agents?

Can my current Insurance Agent help? “Here comes another bill from the insurance company. Looks like our rates went up again, but why?  I didn’t change anything on my…

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October is Cyber Insurance Awareness Month

Cyber & Data Breach Insurance Does your business have a risk of a cyber-attack or data breach? I would say YES!…more than ever! You don’t have to be a…

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Key Person Insurance

A business may consider its investments, properties and equipment as assets, but what about its employees – key employees in particular? A key employee is an individual who possesses…

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What is Cyber Liability and Do I Need It?

Here is another Stolly Insurance FAQ If you own your own business you may have to consider a Cyber Liability policy, but many people have no idea what it is…

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What is Terrorism Coverage and Does My Business Need it?

Is your business at risk for a terrorist attack? While that might not be a question you may want to think about, it’s important as a business owner to…

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