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At Stolly Insurance, we shop a large network of truck insurance companies.

At Stolly Insurance, we work with and shop a large network of truck insurance companies & truck insurance wholesalers to make sure your needs are always met. We are a proud member of the Ohio Trucking Association ( and are committed to advocating for the trucking industry.  Our footprint provides us the opportunity to serve you, serve your employees, and help your trucking business flourish.

In an industry closely regulated, trucking insurance is among the most unique and detailed types of insurance. Compliance, margins, and safety win the day. Whether you are a one truck operator or manage a large fleet, we know that proactive attention to detail is essential for keeping your company’s trucks profitable, on the road, and moving. We understand that needs for certificates, driver approval, filings, DOT audits, and claim handling can come at a moment’s notice and can be the difference of whether a driver is sitting or earning. That is why we have created committed teams within our agency whom monitor trucking requests – certificates, driver approval, filings, DOT audits, and claim handling. We are large enough to devote the important trucking resources needed to be one of the best, but small enough that you’ll always know who to ask for when in need.

We handle all types of truck insurance needs including:

  • Commercial Auto Liability Insurance
  • Trucker General Liability Insurance
  • Bobtail Truck Insurance
  • Non-Truck Liability Insurance
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • On-Hook Insurance
  • Trailer Interchange Insurance
  • Non-Owned Truck Physical Damage Insurance
  • Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage Insurance
  • Downtime Truck Insurance
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Truck Equipment & Tools Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

We handle all types of filings including:

  • MCS-90 Form Filing
  • BMC-91 & BMC-91X Filing
  • Form E Filing
  • Form F Filing
  • Form H Filing
  • OS32 Filing (Ohio)