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Stolly Insurance Group is committed to providing outstanding insurance protection to our clients while delivering superior customer service.

stolly insurance core values
Stolly Insurance is committed to a set of foundational principles that have been characteristic of our agency from the very beginning. These principles, or Core Values, represent guideposts for how we conduct our business.

Our Core Values set the tone for everything we do:

  • How we treat our employees
  • The way we represent our carrier partners
  • The care with which serve our customers

Stolly Insurance is a fifth generation family-owned company that has been looking out for our community for over 120 years. We believe that goal is obtainable by remembering our core values that have been the base of this company since its start in 1904.

Professionalism, Hard Work, and Service to our Community are just a few of the Stolly Insurance Core Values. They have been passed down through generations of the Stolly family and imbue our mission with the confidence to continue carrying out that mission into the future.