Our philosophy has always been to go above and beyond what is expected.

Rick Jo Stolly Hustle AwardOur “Hustle Award“ is a reflection of that commitment. The “Hustle Award“ is designed to pay tribute to the athletes who have shown special character, leadership, and desire to be the best.

We started the Hustle Award in 1988, awarding local area high school students for their commitment to their sport. Just like Ricky Joe, and the students who hustle to get this award, Stolly Insurance group doesn’t just talk a big game. This award embodies our belief that talk is cheap, and to let your hustle do the talking.

Hustle Award 2017-2018 Football Winners

Hustle Award 2016-2017 Basketball Winners

Hustle Award 2016-2017 Football Winners

Hustle Award 2015-2016 Basketball Winners

Hustle Award 2015-2016 Football Winners

Hustle Award 2014-2015 Basketball Winners

Hustle Award 2013-2014 Basketball Winners

Hustle Award 2012-2013 Basketball Winners